Sergey Golovanov.

Software Developer from Russia.

Development and sales programs for the android.

At this point you have the following programs:

     1. Live Wallpaper Flip Clock - animated digital clock with adjustable backing and display the current weather conditions (including air temperature, minimum and maximum temperature for today, humidity and wind strength and direction. And also the weather conditions on subsequent days (weather conditions and the minimum and maximum temperature days). There are several types of animation, change the minutes and hours, different clock settings and general visualization. Supported by two providers of weather: Google Weather and The Weather Channel. temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Displaying Weather on your current location (only for Google Weather) or user entered zipcode or location by entered  <town>, <state> or <country>. The user can also configure the issuance of the screen to watch the current battery charge level indicators and temperature of the CPU unit, plus the date and time of next alarm set on the device. The program is constantly being improved and maintained.

     2. Glam Shine Live Wallpaper - wallpaper with a visualization of the surface filled with diamonds that glisten, depending on the inclination of the device. The user can choose the size of diamonds and their color. At the moment, support for this program is completed. 

     3. Liar' Dice - classic board game. Player plays against computer opponents. In the game (depending on settings) can take part from 2 to 5 computer players (each of which has its own settings for the game). Also, the player can adjust the 3 levels of difficulty, the initial number of cubes, the color of its bricks and customize the look of the table games. Rules of the game can be viewed at game page fo this site.

     4. Santa Adventure Free - game about the adventures of a toy Santa Claus at a Christmas tree. Santa jumps between the branches of trees and collect gifts. Upon reaching the top of the tree begins a new level. At each new level tree grows its height and increases the complexity of the game (speed, number of branches, gifts, accelerators). There are 3 game types: classic, at the time and jumping between toys bombs. Play for free, to support the further development of the press on the banner at the top menu of the game.

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